Saturday, 13 February 2010

Top Ten Movie Psychotic/FrighteningCharacters

1. Frank Booth – Blue Velvet
2. Indio – For a few dollars more
3. Bobby Peru – Wild at Heart
4. Scorpio – Dirty Harry
5. Garland Humphreys – Experiment in Terror
6. Harry Roat – Wait until Dark
7. Patrick Bateman – American Psycho
8. Hugo /Maxwell Freer – Dead of Night
9. Nurse Ratchet – One Flew over the cuckoos Nest
10. Bruno Anthony – Strangers on a train
And an honourable mention to…
11. The Guy who tells the ‘razor blade’ story- Mississippi Burning

Nothing quite like an unhinged performance or a controlled and frightening subtle delivery to make a Movie.
just missed the list; Ash - Alien,The Hitcher - The Hitcher, Norman Stansfield - Leon,Don Logan - sexy beast and Bob Rusk - Frenzy

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