Wednesday, 24 February 2010

To the Max

Maxwell’s BLACKsummer’s nights (Deluxe edition)

After ‘Urban Hang Suite’ announced Maxwell’s vintage yet modern sound we have had ‘Embrya’ and ‘Now’ followed by a long wait for a new studio Album; ‘BLACKsummer’s nights’ is now out in a Deluxe edition and it is a lighthouse on a coastline of bland R&B pap.

'Bad Habits' kicks off things and sets the tone for smoothness with a jazzy tinge. And those that think tha's all there is to it should listen to 'Help Smebody' which has the feel of vintage Roachford. What elevates things is Maxwell’s vocals, the arrangements and the tightness of his backing band. Like his debut album I expect a slow burn on this album. Since its earlier release in 2009 it’s been enhanced and is now ready and waiting to go into your ears and float smoothly around your brain.

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