Saturday, 6 February 2010


I'm happy today. don't know why but I am. Sun's shinning, I've been to The Gym, had a lovely breakfast. aren't I the virtuous one? but I'm happy. Planning a summer month in the Sun and meeting a mate for a drink.
But there's a shadow lurking. And that shadow is Chelsea FC. Can The Arsenal go to the Bridge and tear the title race wide open?
After all if Arsenal win it puts the top three only three points apart and the advantage to Arsenal is not having to play Man Utd or Chelsea again.
who knows what's going to happen?
Fact is I don't think I can stomach another mauling at the hands of the forces of darkness.A crushing defeat will also put Arsenal out of the title race with the Porto match taking on even more significance. I don't believe that Wenger will be the architect of a victory if Chelsea are beaten, it will be player power that does it, those who choose to overcome the defects present in their colleagues.
This exemplifies the life of an Arsenal fan at the moment ; every cloud has a grey lining.

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