Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Greed can cost and it has in the case of Ashley Cole. Far be it for an Arsenal Supporter such as myself to criticise Mr Cole but it seems that he has paid the price for greed. Greed for money and greed for women. Ashley could have stayed at Arsenal and been the Captain of one of the greatest clubs in the country; he could have been the latest in a long and distinguished line that includes Vieira, Adams, and McLintock, and Thierry Henry, Pat rice, Eddie Hapgood, Joe Mercer and Kenny Sansom. Instead he chose cash and joined the Russian conglomerate of Chelsea.
Perhaps he was right for football reasons but money was the reason and the underhand way he went about pursuing a move is the reason he is despised at Arsenal.
His greed has also cost him his wife. Whatever ones thoughts on Cheryl Cole it has to be said that she is an attractive woman who a lot of men would look upon favourably, yet Ashley doesn’t think she is enough and pursued (there’s that word again) women in an underhand (and that one) way, who are not in Cheryl’s league.
Ashley typifies a type of modern day person who wants and doesn’t need.
The fact is that Cole has shown himself to be a footballer with no scruples and even more a man with no scruples. A glutton without grace.
Hi first visit to the Emirates after leaving Arsenal was characterised by 90 minutes of hostile barracking. I have never known such vitriol directed at a player; and I was at Highbury when Cantona had just been sent off!
On that day Arsenal beat Chelsea 1-0 courtesy of a Gallas header and Ashley left the field with a sore leg, thanks to Fabregas, and his tail between his legs. Since then he has returned on the winning team but should he play again at Emirates I would hope that his current predicament is not used against him.

…only joking, I hope he gets blasted!

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