Saturday, 27 February 2010

Get to Grips

And lo it came to pass that a cuckolded Wayne Bridge scorned the hand so warmly proffered by John Terry. A small moment that seemed to have the broadcasters at Sky Sport salivating with anticipation.
That Manchester City humbled the smug Chelsea men, with a 4-2 victory,must have made Wayne’s journey home very sweet indeed.It also makes the title chase more interesting, particularly for teams in Red.
A similar thing happened to me a couple of years ago, A disgruntled former employee refused my hand at the end of a football match in which we played on opposite sides. His refusal was based on his own rampant paranoia and was both unsporting and immature. However I had not been up to shenanigans with his missus. His act of defiance made me chuckle but it was in keeping with his mentality. In sport you expect a degree of sportsmanship.
In the case of Bridge and Terry it amplifies the soap opera nature of modern football and will no doubt feature on tomorrows back pages. Still it was good to see some semblance of emotion in ‘JTs’ beady eyes. Rejected at the beginning and beaten at the end.

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