Friday, 26 February 2010

Eastbound and Down


(When principal says that he does triathlons) “I play real sports…not trying to be the best at exercising.”

“Why is there blue shit on your face Cleg? What, did you just blow Robocop?”

“There is one vision that gives me constant happiness, your two enormous breasts.”

Principal: “And who is this lovely lady you have here with you?” Kenny: “Lovely? Her?”

“What did I tell you, put something nice on. You look like a busted Daytona stripper.”

“I’m a bulletproof tiger man!”

“Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless”

“You’re f*cking out!” (and the title of Kenny’s audio book “You’re F*cking Out, I’m F*cking In”)

“You named your daughter after f*cking Titanic? Haha, what’s this one’s name…Shrek?…guess not”
“What’s up, Deshauna?”

(when asked by his gym class if he was in rehab because he hurt himself) “Yeah I hurt myself….My nose” (and winks)

(After hugging April) - “Yeah girl, I’m going to have to change my pants. I’m just kidding… I didn’t cum myself”

“I’m not going to stop yelling because that would mean, I lost the fight!”

Interviewer: “So Kenny, how do you like playing in New York?” Kenny: “You mean Jew York…its f*cking great.”

“I thought the blacks in Baltimore were bad, shit, they’re nothing compared to these fags you got here in San Francisco…haha”

First aired on FX at the end of last year Eastbound and down is another quality offering from HBO starring Danny McBride as Kenny Powers, disgraced washed up Baseball star who returns to his home town with nothing but a lime green and leopard print Jet Ski and his own motivational tapes, and becomes a PE (or Phys Ed as the Americans say)teacher at his old high school.
The show has a powerhouse central performance but also great supporting players.
It's now available on DVD and is the best piece of comedy TV in a long time.
Get it!

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