Sunday, 30 May 2010



Dennis Hopper an artist a character and a star but most of all an actor who 's CV cannot be repeated. Featured in Key moments in six decades; REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE in the 50s- a defining movie that for many sums up the birth of the teenager and rebellion beginning, EASY RIDER in the 60s-the start of the independent boom and a summation of the era,APOCALYPSE NOW in the 70s- one of the great movies of a great period involving the movie brat directors,BLUE VELVET in the 80s-possibly the great film of the decade and Lynch at his peak, TRUE ROMANCE in the 90s-the era of Tarantino and a stylised all star version of a Quentin script & 24 in the 00s-The decade where TV stands toe to toe with cinema, Hopper is the villain in the quintessential harbinger of this era.

Dennis has passed,afed 74, so Cheers Dennis ; one of a kind!

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  1. Great man, great films with a host of outstanding performances. Although, not necessarily a classic film, for whatever reason I liked his performance in The Sons of Katie Elder. Hoping for a miracle my thoughts are with him and his family.


having said that;