Tuesday, 2 February 2010

ARSE against AKB

before the game

reading Wenger's post match comments

After Sunday’s debacle against Man Utd Arsenal are out of 3 competitions by the end of January. This leaves the Champions League. Should we progress and come up against Manchester United or Chelsea history shows we will be knocked out (as we were against the other English Club traditionally in the Champions League Liverpool)
Another transfer window closes and Wenger chooses not to add to the squad. The only conceivable rationale for not doing so is that he believes the current squad are good enough.

Well let’s look at that belief; Arsenal have not won a trophy since 2005. Arsenal have been destroyed at home by Manchester United and Chelsea twice in two seasons. This squad has achieved nothing thus far other than being top of the fair play league.

There are a number of alarming flaws in Wenger’s thinking, in squad selection team choices and tactics all of which point towards a worrying trend; that of trying every which way to make something work that clearly doesn’t.

Arsenal’s first choice goalkeeper is not an international unlike his predecessors, yet when Given, Friedel and a number of other goalkeepers were available Wenger chose not to buy. Wenger is quoted as saying that he didn’t try to buy Alonso or Barry as ‘it would have killed Diaby and Denilson’ this is flawed thinking. On Sunday against one of the poorer Man Utd sides of recent years Wenger played a defensive formation. Wenger employed the long ball to hit a target man in Arshavin who is five foot and inches. Wenger terminated the Arsenal careers of Pires and Gilberto, among others, on the basis of his age policy, yet bought Silvestre, thus making a mockery of that policy. Wenger froze out Senderos yet kept Silvestre. Wenger allowed Diarra, Gilberto and Flamini to go at the same time, yet retains sub standard players on substantial contracts. Wenger made a good profit on Adebayor and Toure yet failed to reinvest in the team. One of the stated purposes of moving to the Emirates was being able to compete on and off the pitch, yet there has been no investment in the kind of quality on the pitch that our supposed competitors have been making.

The danger of the path Arsene is taking us down is that those players of genuine quality will make the logical choice of leaving the club. Fabregas, and Arshavin could very well be on their way, and could you blame them. Walcott is treading water under Wenger, as he is not being given opportunities to play his natural game, if at all. This is just one example of Wenger’s obsession of fitting square pegs into round holes; a sure fire way to alienate players.

The Carling Cup is not challenged for; this is Wenger’s policy. The FA cup is not challenged for; this is obvious by the team selection against Stoke.
This leaves The Champions League and Premiership. Therefore season ticket holders should get a reduction on games that take place in half of the tournaments we enter.AKBs(Arsene Knows Best)seem to blindly ignore some of the obvious deficiencies that blight Wenger's management of The Club, and I can feel the tide turning towards the ARSEs (Arsene Really should Exit)empty seats, are an example of passive/aggresive demonstration, as are full pubs in N1 during the game.

Those AKBs that proliferate on the Web will have none of this yet all I am presenting are facts. And in the words of Dennis Hopper in True Romance “If those are facts, am I lying?”

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  1. This sounds like someone losing all faith in their team and manager, or someone who is disillusioneed with a team that are more likey to be in a 4th place race, as opposed to a title race !
    All i can propose is a season ticket at the "MAD STAD" home of the mighty reading...NO i here you say, well,

    No carling cup for us,
    No champions league title for us,
    No league title for us,
    No FA cup for us(even though we,re still in it)
    And no spending in the transfer window again,

    Ego just come and join us.!!!!!!!!!!


having said that;