Friday, 15 January 2010

where did it all go wrong

Big teams stumble on in the league and Chelsea are being lauded as the best team since Moses came down with his tablets.
The chirpy scousers are staring down the barrel of Channel 5 Thursday afternoon matches against Dynamo Spartak Red Lion both this season and next (would this spell the end for Torres and Gerrard?)
Many City, Villa, and Spurs show inconsistency; Yes Tottenham are in the top half of the table, however the spurs fans will still be at home watching Eastenders on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. ManUtd have one of the poorest line ups in ages and there are no signs of progress at Everton.
The Premier league is there for the winning, that's the frustrating thing. The quality of the league has not been so poor for a great many years, unfortunately, The quality of the Arsenal Teams that Wenger puts out, has not been so poor for a great many years.
The Premiership is not 'alive and kicking' because too many teams are operating on A) staying up. B) finishing in the top four C) getting a Europa spot.and not forgetting D) making a profit at all costs.
The way to be on the top of the current Premiership seems to be ,having a manager who knows what to do with his squad and being the biggest bully.

Is the drop in quality connected to player greed, or just a system that is happy to settle for mediocrity?

The FA Cup appears to be the only trophy that will or can be won by being bold; a sort of 'who dares wins' policy may win the day.

The sobering thought when considering the English Premier league is that If Chelsea do win the title it will be another victory for the power of Russian oligarchy.

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