Monday, 25 January 2010

Wenger's Squad Poverty

That Wenger feels that he needed to rest players/rotate squad in the FA Cup defeat to Stoke City is in itself not too much of a problem. However when the expectations are that Arsenal go out to win every Tournament and every Trophy it is a fool hardy approach.
Foolish, as the quality of the squad is not good enough to pursue this policy.
The last Trophy Arsenal won was the FA Cup and we were able to utilise this squad in pursuit of glory on all fronts;

1 LEHMANN, Jens GK 4 VIEIRA, Patrick M
13 TAYLOR, Stuart GK 7 PIRES, Robert M
24 ALMUNIA, Manuel GK 8 LJUNGBERG, Fredrik M
3 COLE, Ashley D 12 LAUREN, Etame M
18 CYGAN, Pascal D 17 EDU, Caesar M
22 GLICHY, Gael D 21 PENNANT, Jermaine M
23 CAMPBELL, Sol D 28 TOURE, Kolo M
32 SVL URD, Sebastien D 56 SMITH, Ryan M
45 HOYTE, Justin D 57 FABREGAS, Cesc M
51 SIMEK, Frankie D 9 REYES, Antonio M
10 BERGKAMP, Dennis F 11 VAN PERSIE, Robin F
14 HENRY, Thierry F 30 ALIADIERE, Jeremie F

This is the core problem with Wenger's obsession. He has replaced a quality squad capable of winning trophies and sustaining a challenge in the hunt for honours, with an inferior selection. If it were purely down to commerce or availability it would be understandable (even if unacceptable) but it isn't; it's dogma on his part.

If you look at this squad and take out the equivalent members through injury or International obligations it still looks better than what we currently have under the same circumstances.

It's easy to talk about how Stoke play anti-football and how Wenger has belief but the reality is that his belief is not well placed and if Arsenal can't knock out a team of Stokes ponderousness there have to be real concerns.

Nor will I go into our deficiencies in a number of areas. At the end of the day (to use that well worn cliche)
Arsene is responsible for the players that he deems 'fit to wear the shirt'

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