Sunday, 17 January 2010

walking on the beaches...

To paraphrase Charlie Brooker 'all hail the rise of the idiots'
I know what would be a good idea; get some young women with stupid names and or celebrity fathers and build a brand. The more untalented and verbally vacuous the better.
The press and media seem to be filled with the exploits of these brattish parasites.
Chief amongst this trend is Peaches Geldof, an appallingly moronic glove puppet. To hear her speak and declaim on subjects she has no knowledge about is quite appalling. If, as we are lead to believe, young girls are influenced and shaped by celebrity behaviour then we should all be afraid for our daughters, nieces and general population. The inane attitudes and sense of entitlement displayed by Peaches, Daisy, Lilly, Pixie, Gnomie etc are prime examples of what is wrong with the culture that exists where achievement means nothing and talent means even less.
These wasters are a reminder that a class system operates in the UK and within that system a class of non talented loafers has become an aspiration.
It's not so much that these girls are annoying,really annoying it's that they are everywhere. Even supposedly serious papers carry article and features on them. Terms like zeitgeist and irony are bandied about.
The real truth is that there seems to be a celebration of idiocy, a real reveling in stupidity.
Is it the fault of these young advantaged women or the machinery behind them? Who can say. What is clear is that their existence and prevalance in the media is encouraging the cult of stupid.
Like most cults, it may very well be a major threat to our civilisation. Or at the very least a threat to anyone with an attention span of less than five minutes.
Please can we bang on about young girls who have talent, have acheived things or at least who are decent people not parasites.

Oh, who cares anyway I'm sure that by mentioning Peaches in this rant I am only adding oxygen to her inevitable rise to being the overlord of inane.

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