Monday, 18 January 2010

under the influence (episode 1)

Under The influence (episode 1)

Some movies and TV shows come across like they are original gangster but they have an equally as good sibling, in this day and age so many films and TV programmes are formulaic but films and TV have always relied on influence, but they may have had an influence that they don’t let on about.

For example;

If you liked Airplane try The Big Bus
If you liked Miami Vice try To Live and Die in LA
If you liked The Matrix try Strange Days
If you liked Heat try Thief
If you liked Scream try Experiment in terror
If you liked Dumb and Dumber try Wise Guys
If you liked American Gangster try Prince of the city
If you liked The Bourne Identity try Ronin
If you liked Behind enemy lines try Bat 21
If you liked Forest Gump try Zelig
If you liked How to get ahead in advertising try The thing with two heads
If you liked Gone in 60 seconds try The Driver
If you liked Curb your enthusiasm try Dream On
If you liked Life on Mars USA try Barney Miller
If you liked Conspiracy Theory try Blow out
If you liked Man on Fire try Point Blank
If you liked Jamie Oliver try The Galloping Gourmet
If you liked The Yards try The Killer elite
If you liked Sixteen Blocks try Gloria

With that in mind …….(more to follow)

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