Thursday, 28 January 2010

Suckling at the corporate teat

Aside from the insipid performance in last nights Aston Villa v Arsenal game i chose to watch it in HD at the Emirates. £5 a ticket including free drink; John Smith and Fosters only, although it didn't say that in the small print. There was no small print. Aside from having to queue to get in and the lengthy queues at the bar the presentation was good. Good for the 50% who had arrived at 5.30 and claimed all the seats.
Then there was the wall, floor, and leaning around a pillar option.
The officious official who was obsessed about keeping the gangways clear didn't help either.
The number of tickets sold was far more than the venue could accommodate, therefore I can only attribute the sale of such a large number of tickets to corporate greed.
I shall not be so foolhardy as to attend another one of these screenings.
The insult to injury was that the performance was so awful.
Wenger "believes in this squad". Of course he's going to say that as he bought them. He can continue to say it as the revenue generated by last nights screenings keeps the corporation happy. So on the pitch and at HQ the product on offer was inferior.
But like most corporations the satisfaction is in profit not product.


  1. No other top football club in the world would have a manager in post for so long without winning a trophy unless they were making serious monies for themselves. True fans are paying a small fortune to be treated with contempt by a club they love so dear. We have gone from watching the likes of Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Viera etc to Eboue, Walcott, Denilson and Almunia. Please allow me to be unequivical, none of this lot will EVER come remotely close to those former greats. At the point very soon that we are out of the title race and Champions League for the sake of the club and our sanity Arsene must be shown the door.
    Captain Kirk
    P.S. Great Blog Bruv.

  2. Interesting read :-) keep the blogs coming :-)



having said that;