Friday, 15 January 2010

reflections on a choked chicken

choked chicken
On Sol's return I thought i would catch up on my thoughts when last playing spurs;

So there you have it 10 years of league encounters for Spurs against Arsenal and not a single Victory for the White Hart Lane club. But hey, this was going to be 'their year' again. Facts are it hasn't been their year since the days when Fatal attraction topped the Uk box office. Rather than Spurs accepting their position and status within the English top flight, the fixation that they have with their neighbours makes their lack of success all the more bitter for them. The pre match statements of intent had the familiar ring about them. The relative size of clubs, strength of bench and potential fot achievement where bandied about. No such pronouncements from The Arsenal; the football and scoreline did the talking.

Any mitigation of Spurs missing players through injury contradicts the strength of bench boast as does the stature of clubs when looking at relative achievements. Arsenal have a Champions League game midweek while Spurs will be at home watching Waterloo Road. While Arsenal gain three points towards looking to win their 14th League title Spurs can only dream of a third championship.

The Ole's echoing around the Emirates were not of irony but of pity on the club who aspire to greatness. As Arsenal toyed with the Spurs players, while sitting comfortably on a 3-0 lead, One could only imagine what excuses would be made by the Spurs fans after seeing such a humbling end to a decade of dellusion.
When The Spurs manager suggested that there is no difference between the two clubs it was the mumblings of a man in denial. A decade of depressing league encounters for the Tottenam faithful should be indication enough that, while Spurs are in the same league, they are not in the same league.

Let's hope Arsenal meet Spurs in the FA cup, should prove interesting

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