Sunday, 24 January 2010

Praise for Edie Falco

Most people know Edie from her role as Carmella Soprano. Her performance over the years as Mrs Soprano was a subtle yet powerful yin to Tony’s alpha male yang. She was rightly praised, as she had been in the under seen Oz.

She’s back now in Nurse Jackie. Again she is the epicentre of the show. A show with a core of strong female characters and a wry humour. What elevates Nurse Jackie to must see status is Edie’s performance as the glue of the hospital. She plays the role of the mythical strong woman complete with minor flaws. Notable characters generally appear as broad stereo types with catch phrases and personal ticks. Edie's style is 'less is more'.

Tune in and don't be put of by some of the lighter elements, Nurse Jackie is involved for 99% of the shows running time because her character makes the other cast members work.

She is watchable because there is so much going on underneath her subtle performance. Edie is showing that she is the star of the show not just one of the supporting cast.

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