Sunday, 24 January 2010

pass on the peas

As part of an attempt to reduce the deficit of an overindulgent Xmas, I've just got back from the gym. and it was awful!
Hotter than usual, smellier than usual and more cluttered than usual.
What really pushed me over the edge, resulting in an early conclusion to my session was The Black eyed Peas.
Was there ever a pop group so chaotically contrived? Their music is an aural equivalent of the old Woolworth's pick 'n' mix. The bombardment of their conglomerated (or should that be congealed?) mix of styles was the tipping point for me.
Not only was their heady mix of 'street' pap and cliche blaring out of the gym's multi speaker motivational set up , but their gaudy image was beaming down from MTV.
If you threw a teenagers iPod down a flight of stairs, thus causing it to skip between tracks on random play then you would end up with the Black eyed peas!
They come across as an experiment in Quality Street style product; a bit of everything thrown together to cater to the lowest common denominator.
Yes plenty of pop groups have been manufactured but these guys take the biscuit; not only are they musically vacuous and visually appalling but they are marketed as some sort of Hip Hop/'on trend' concept.
In future, Gym visits need to be undertaken with much bigger headphones and blinkers on, as if i am exposed to The BEP I may end up running amok amongst my fellow masochists.

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  1. Even the ironic name. Down home authentic soul food? A cynical musical project created to suck the money off naive wanabee white tweenies. Love the i-Pod image.


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