Friday, 15 January 2010

Out of Ammo

It’s over. The most immersive, multi faceted ongoing drama you could wish to enjoy. A great cast and creators at the top of their game. No I’m not referring to the Wire I am talking about 100 bullets, the peak in graphic story telling, or comic books, as I prefer to call them. Much in the same way that I would rhapsodise about the quality of the Sopranos and then the Wire I have to, try at least, to preach the gospel according to 100 bullets. Many critics felt that TV fell a long way short of the more revered art forms; cinema and Theatre but shows from HBO and FX showed the quality that TV could bring, particularly in an ongoing multi dimensional drama.

100 bullets is and was simply a new high in the medium. The writing as good as anything in the hard boiled tradition of American Noir the art consistent and detailed. The covers of each of the 100 issues /episodes descriptive and iconic.

Waiting each month for a new episode became both addictive and frustrating; at least with TV you only have to wait a week. I envy people who have just got the box set of the wire and are about to enter that world, but I also envy those broad minded enough to buy the collected 13 volumes of 100 Bullets.

Once read you will probably feel, as I do, that it is crying out to be picked up by HBO or FX and given a new audience. This is not to say that it can be improved upon in it’s original form, but rather that it’s complexity and pure entertainment can be expanded.

In a world where quality is rare in most things 100 Bullets can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of entertainment.

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