Saturday, 16 January 2010

modern manspurs

Spurs and the modern English player

Why do Spurs attract the modern English player so beloved of the tabloids? Is it about good old Harry and his cheeky cockney persona or is it that Spurs are the X factor of the football world? The Spurs legend that persists, even after 48 years as also rans, is that they are somehow a glamour club. Glamour and celebrity without achievement, sounds familiar in this day and age. Just ask any of Simon Cowell’s protégé wannabes.

Of course we should all be behind England in the world cup next year but this will prove difficult as the bulk of the squad are made up of these camera hungry night owls. Spurs seems to be the club of choice for the bright lights big city players who don’t have enough about them to play for Arsenal in terms of talent or Chelsea in terms of application. They can spend their evenings comparing WAGs and Bling and their working lives not having to achieve a great deal other than stay in the Premier league. God forbid the club that’s pays for their extravagant lifestyle gets relegated how would they be able to afford to run the Bentley and the Porsche? Talking of Bentleys, the successor to Beckham (in his own fevered imagination) has ended up at the perfect club for him as he’s just like the White Hart Lane Club; all mouth and trousers.

Perhaps these young men merely mirror the culture that is prevalent in modern times; conspicuous consumption. Over paid; probably, over valued; definitely over inflated egos; definitely. Since 1961 Spurs have created an environment and ethos at the club that it’s all about style. But the problem is that it’s (questionable) style rather than substance.

The fact that the recent shenanigans involving Crouch and his chums was sparked by a momentous win over Pompey should worry Spurs fans. It’s a bit like an alcoholic using his pet Gerbils birthday as an excuse to go on a bender.

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