Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Football v TV v Ego

Given that RVP is not looking likely to return, due to an injury picked during the dreaded international break it has again reinforced the fact that I hate international breaks! Deprived of football for what seems like ages and having to think about injuries to the squad, although injuries to our 'competitors' are always good. This brings me on to England. There seems to be one or two English players emerging at the emirates; potential internationals maybe

The whole England initiative, as spouted by king of bling Rio, is amusing to say the least. Claims that the celebrity wag culture has to be replaced by professionalism are a joke!

Since when have international footballers had to more or less say that they are going to START being professional? England gets a decent draw and suddenly the World cup is going to be won.

It's almost a shame that Theo is part of the set up as he should not get swept up in the hype (although he does seems more intelligent than his England team mates)

I wish I was able to watch England and enjoy performances, but the so called golden generation of 'Lamps' 'Stevie G' 'JT' 'Wazza' along with such objectionable characters like Cashley, Rio and Defoe make me want to physically vomit.

‘The England team sponsored by nationwide as seen on Setanta and ESPN’ seems to be just another part of the celebrity bombardment of popular culture.
The New Year bombardment of celeb this that and the other are a timely reminder of where things are. The Credit crunch, which was on the whole ignored by the average working person is going away,
Haiti, knife crime, social disorder, not being able to have a pint at Champions league games; these pressing issues are secondary to Jordan's boyfriends, who got booted out of CBB, who's going to win American Idol and Victoria Beckham’s new haircut!

Between News night, Question time and News at ten there is a torrent of pap on TV with programmes that actually exist but sound like
Alan Partridge pitching for a second series; Ghost busting with girls aloud. Celebrity cigarette quitting. Celebrity dog training and Jonathon Ross
interviewing the talented Steve Coogan, the talented Stevie Wonder and....Peter Crouch's girlfriend on the same episode! And the crème de la menthe (to quote Delboy) 'Celebrity squeezing through a strange shaped hole in a wall’ yes it’s actually a programme.

Okay so we don't have to watch TV, but the effect of all this tripe seeps into our society. Thank god for Arsenal. Not yet part of the circus.
Yes we all pay over the odds for a pie and a beer, the season ticket is a painful outgoing, but we are able to sit in a great seat watching great
football and, on the whole a lack of ego and bling within our team. Although we are part of the Premier league modern football world with all the
money and other obvious commercialism, we are not the equivalent of brain rot TV we are actually a team in the middle of trying to remain true to a value system. It's when the international break is on when I most want to go to the Emirates and enjoy something with a bit of purity without controversy, cheating or big time Charlies, amid all the cynicism that is all around us a trip to watch the Arsenal can refresh the most jaded palate.

With the possibility of topping the league tomorrow I am looking forward to going to the The Emirates and breathing some fresh air both literally and figuratively.
(mind you i will sset Sky+ in case i miss anything)

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