Friday, 15 January 2010

drawing comparisons

Time Tunnel Vision

How I enjoyed reading the transcript of our local 'sports' journalist's stand up routine in my local Newspaper.It was the sort of material that one might have enjoyed watching on Sunday night at the London Palladium on an old black and white television back in 1961, just after seeing Tottenham win the League. It had all the golden oldies; the Woolwich Chestnut (chuckle), the nuggett about the Carling cup being more than a way for mid-table teams to get into Europe (guffaw) and the old 'Stylish Spurs' punchline (titter).
He forgot to include any new material such as the certainty that Spurs always finish below Arsenal in the League, and that they don't qualify for the Champions League.

Mr local seems fond of historical anecdotes so he might like to bring in a real historian as a ghost writer so that he could be reminded of the team that ground out victories of Brady and Rix that put 5 past Spurs first Team at White Hart Lane, or the 'efficient' Arsenal team of George Graham that, thrillingly, won the title at Anfield.

The deluded journo wonders if Arsenal fans have enjoyed watching Arsenal win 11 league Titles more than Spurs, 2 Doubles More than Spurs, 2 FA Cups more and finishing higher than Spurs year in year out? Have a guess what the punch line to that is.
The real humour was in the fact that Spurs fans need to nail their colours to the mast of any team that plays Arsenal. I suppose it gives them some enjoyment in a keeping up with the Jones' kind of way. What would one expect from a Club who's own rebranding exercise has resulted in a small, mid table,bitter club that won't acknowledge that it's rivals are Middlesborough and Fulham not Arsenal

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