Friday, 15 January 2010


right here right now
So Mr Campbell is back at the Arsenal. Wenger's over 30's policy seems to be a thing of the past, which in this case, can only be a good thing. Sol, much like Owen at Man Utd is a proven player not a gamble. Should Tommy or William get injured then Sol can step into the breach.

The question is not why Arsenal have re-signed him now but why not earlier? that way we wouldn't have had to put up with Silvestre. Senderos has clearly done something wrong and Djourou is not available therefore it can't possibly hurt to have the ability and experience of Sol to hand, particularly with the avalanche of games ahead.

It's particularly interesting that Sol should return just when our supposed first choice goalkeeper is inspiring zero confidence to the defence and zero tolerance to the fans. any semblance of defensive power/confidence/experience is welcome; in that respect Sol fits the bill.

The sour note is not to do with Sol but more about 'what ifs'. What if Wenger had rethought his age policy in previous seasons? Would we have kept Pires and Gilberto longer? Lauren and Lehmann perhaps? Who knows.

The question remains; does this signing mean that Wenger will be less rigid in his thinking in future? after all it isn't the only time he's bouight in a player considered 'past his best' Look at Suker, he played his part in getting Arsenal to a European final.

I welcome back Sol with open arms. It makes a nice change to have a player that doesn't take six months to acclimatise to the premier League, and who won't be shrugged of the ball by the big boys. In this case it's not about potential or the future it's about right here right now

The fact is he's played more first team football in the last year than Rosicky and will probably play more until the end of the season.

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