Thursday, 21 January 2010

Arsenal go top but is the glass half full

Yesterday I went to the Emirates and something tickled my blogging nerve. I'm not going to talk about Arsenal going top of the Premier League after a sterling come back, nor am I going to talk about the merits of the iPhone, I'm not even going to discuss the effects of tidiness on the human psyche. What has got my goat (or should that be gander?) is plastic glasses.
One of the great joys of going to football is enjoying a drink with some chums in a pre match watering hole, preferably near the ground so that the length of the missed start of the game can be minimised. That anticipation of the first pint of cooling beer is nullified by the plastic 'match day' glass it comes in. What kind of stupidity exists where a plastic glass is an acceptable vessel for a beverage?
But which is worse; the rigid multi use glass that is reminiscent of a school beaker, or the one-use flexi glass that, when squeezed too tightly results in a froth spillage?
The irony is that the draught beer is of sufficiently mediocre quality to make it tolerable in a real glass but the plastic tips it back into the 'poor' envelope.Nor can you attempt to bypass the plastic by ordering , for example, a bottle of Newcastle Brown; they will simply decant it into the plastic pot.
Now clearly the use of plastic cannot be due to the fact that football fans might glass each other,it must be just a case of laziness and money saving.
Even when you get to the ground the half time pint is served in plastic, after having stood for a good 30 minutes.
What to do, what to do, perhaps the only solution is to lean over the bar and have your refreshing ale poured directly from tap to gullet.
perhaps I'll give that a try as the alternative (not having a drink) doesn't bear thinking about.

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